Hello, my name is Dylan MacKinnon. I am a lover of film, both bad an good. I watch way too many movies. Most of the movies I watch are crap. But even a crap film can be fun to watch. Films like Batman and Robin, The Room, and Birdemic are some of my favorites to sit down and watch because they are so bad that it is almost more impressive than a genuinely great film.

Because of the sheer number of movies I watch, I figured it would be a good idea to talk about them. Now I am not some egomaniac who thinks that I have some great insight into the world of film. I didn’t study film. I have written a couple scripts for short films, but nothing ever came of it, which is half due to laziness, and half not having any money or equipment to make a film. I eventually will make one, and it will be awful, and no one will ever see it.

But I personally enjoy hearing what other people think about certain movies. You do not need to be a Roger Ebert for your opinion about a movie to be worth hearing. As long as you can look at a movie through at least a little bit of an objective lens, what you have to say about a movie is worth hearing.

So I created this site. I need somewhere to discuss movies, and my friends are sick of listening to my film rants. Do not take the title too seriously. Just because I talk about a movie, does not mean I do not think you should watch it. The title is sarcastic. A statement of the cynical way most people see critics. People think critics are these endlessly negative cretins. Any criticism of a movie is taken to mean the critic hates the movie. We are at the point where whiny fanboy, and fangirls, cry foul and try to get reviews taken down because they were mean to a movie they like (looking at you Suicide Squad fans).

And even if I do tell you to not watch this movie, doesn’t mean you should listen to me. Definitely, do not freak out in the comments section. Well actually, go ahead and do that if you really want to. Just know, I am just an idiot who watches too many movies. My opinion is not the be all end all. It is fine for you to like a movie I hate, or to hate a movie I like. We do not need to share the same opinion. If you are the type of person who needs everyone to agree with you, here is what you should do. Turn off all your electronics, bury them in a pit, and lock yourself in a dark room. You are not ready for the real world.

Anyway. I will write here about every movie, old and new I see. There will be movies still in theaters, older movies I happen to see for the first time, and occasionally even some tv shows.