As I see films that come out this year, I will update this post with the rankings. I am not operating on the Oscars Calendar, but the real calendar, so any movie with its nationwide release in 2018 movie, even if was already at the Oscars, is eligible for this list. I will also include a quick blurb about the movie and why it is where it landed on the list.


  1. The Favourite
    1. My favorite of the year. 10/10
  2. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
    1. I loved this movie so much. Maybe my favorite anthology movie ever. Every chapter and new story is so strong, with the only critique I have being the pacing of one of the chapters. 10/10
  3. Roma
    1. Not my type of film, but man it is beautifully crafted. 9.5/10
  4. The Sisters Brothers
    1. Amazing score, amazing acting, and really funny. Not enough people know about this gem. 9.5/10
  5. First Man
    1. Read the full review here.  I really adore this movie. It takes such a subtle approach to telling such a grand story. The way Damien Chazzelle holds back from making the movie a spectacle is what impresses me the most. Instead, he let the movie be grounded and tell a very personal story about Neil Armstrong. It was fantastic and should be in the running for Best Picture. 9/10
  6.  BlacKkKlansmen
    1. Read the full review here. Spike Lee’s best movie since ‘Do the Right Thing.’ It is riveting, thought-provoking, funny, depressing, uplifting, and all these things at the same time. He perfectly mirrors the visual style of Blaxploitation, while telling a real story. It has been my favorite movie in 2018 so far. 9/10
  7. Annihilation
    1. 8.5/10
  8. First Reformed
    1. 8.5/10
  9. If Beale Street Could Talk
    1. 8.5/10
  10. Widows
    1. 8.5/10
  11. Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse
    1. One of the best-animated movies I have seen in a while. The animation style was amazing. The story was great. Very little to complain about. probably the best Spiderman movie ever. 8/10
  12. Bad Times at the El Royale
    1. Super suspenseful and thrilling. Topped off with great acting and cinematography, and an interesting script. There are some glaring plot holes, but the overall quality of the film makes up for that. Read my full review here.  8/10
  13. Avengers: Infinity War
    1. You can read my full review here. Overall. it was an immensely entertaining movie, with the best villain in the MCU to date. it is a movie that is hard to talk about without spoilers, but I will say it was very good. 8/10
  14. Paddington 2
    1. Paddington 2 feels almost like a Wes Anderson film. It is full of heart, and it is just so genuine. It has a great message of acceptance but never takes it so far to the point of preachiness. The movie is full of wit and sincerity. I thought the movie was going to be a snooze. It sounds and looks like it should be. Maybe that is just the cynic in me, but a movie about how important family is, and how important good manners are, sounds like something that I should hate. But it works so well here. Paddington 2 is a lovely movie, and could very well end up being the best kids movie of 2018. 8/10
  15. Deadpool 2
    1. Read the full review here. I was worried that Deadpool 2 would just be more of the same. That it would fall into the sequel trap, that movies like Hangover 2 fell into. Make the same jokes, hit the same notes, and pretty much just be a remake of the first with a new skin. But Deadpool did everything a sequel should do. The jokes felt fresh. They recycled some bits, but most of them still felt new and improved. 8/10
  16. Searching
    1. Read the full review here. It is so refreshing to see a movie about technology that actually understands the technology it is talking about. Usually, we end up with garbage like Unfriended or Cyber Bully. Great directorial debut for Aneesh Chaganty. Well written, well acted, suspenseful, and more. 8/10
  17. Eighth Grade
    1. Read the full review here. A wonderful, yet at times nervewracking movie. Eighth Grade can be very uncomfortable to watch but in a good way. The movie is very well acted, especially considering that most of them are very young. It is a fabulous debut as director for Bo Burnham, and one of the best coming of age movies I have seen in a while. 7/10
  18. A Star is Born
    1. 7/10
  19. Birdbox
    1. Simple, but fun horror movie.Nothing to write home about, but I enjoyed watching it. 6.5/10
  20. Halloween (2018)
    1. Jamie Lee Curtis is fantastic in this sequel to the original Halloween. The scenes that focus on her, and her obsession with Michael Myers, make this film, but some of this movie just feels like unnecessary filler to pad the runtime and body count. Still, it is a solid entry into the classic horror franchise. 6.5/10
  21. Ant-Man and the Wasp
    1. Read the full review here. Another solid Marvel movie. Though I can not help but feel like this movie is insignificant in the grand scheme of the MCU. I enjoyed watching it, but I do not know if it will a movie I remember when it comes to the end of the year. 6.5/10
  22. Ralph Breaks the Internet
    1. It is fine, I was underwhelmed though. There are some clever ways they tackle different parts of the internet, but overall, it is just the standard family animated movie. 6.5/10
  23. Black Panther
    1. I have shared my thoughts on this movie two times already (Marvel movie rankings)(Black Panther Review) so I will keep this quick. I understand why many people love it, it is very important from a cultural standpoint. But as a film, it is not Marvel’s best. Many of the effects look fake, and I hate how it panders for the pg 13 rating. But, I do still enjoy it, and of all the Marvel movies it has done the best job of handling its female characters. 6.5/10
  24. The Post
    1. I still do not think this movie deserved any Oscar nominations. It was pretty standard, very much what you would expect out of any Stephen Spielberg film today. Standard mundane filmmaking in a standard mundane story. Upon revisiting it, while Meryl Streep’s performance was fine, I do not really like Tom Hanks performance here. His accent didn’t work and wasn’t even necessary because it is not how the real-life person sounded. Overall, a fine movie, but forgettable. 6.5/10
  25. Tomb Raider
    1. This movie was very dumb at times, but I enjoyed watching it. It did a good job of replicating how the games felt, and the action scenes were well done. I hope this gets a sequel that fixes some of the writing Issues because I think Alicia Vikander made for a great Lara Croft. Read my full review here6/10
  26. Aquaman
    1. Kind of a mess, but an enjoyable one. 5.5/10
  27. Ready Player One
    1. I reviewed this movie here. The movie was pretty dumb at times, it over explains everything with clunky dialogue, has a ton of plot conveniences, and it was poorly paced. But the animation was cool, and it was a fun movie in the end. 5.5/10
  28. Early Man
    1. Another movie I already reviewed on the page. My thoughts on it haven’t changed, so I will just link to the review.   5.5/10
  29. Solo
    1. I kind of enjoyed this movie, but it was utterly pointless. It was also way too safe. They took no risks. I will not remember this movie, no one will. Read my full review here. 5/10
  30. The Meg
    1. Read the full review here. ‘Here is a tip stop making your violent horror movies pg-13.  What good is a shark movie if it has no teeth? The entire reason people want to see your movie is to see a megalodon eat people. A shark movie with no blood would be like watching a pg-13 version of Deadpool. If your shark movie can be shown on TV, without being edited or censored, then you have done something wrong.’  5/10
  31. The Incredibles 2
    1. Read the full review here. The most recent disappointing sequel churned out by Pixar. If they had made this because they had a great idea that moved these character forward, then a sequel would have made sense. But they made it because they had an open spot in their schedule, and they like money. Incredibles 2 was an incredible let down for me. 5/10
  32. Bohemian Rhapsody
    1. Snore. 5/10
  33. Polka King
    1. Most people probably have not seen this Netflix Original starring Jack Black. It is the true story of Polka Band leader Jan Lewan who went to jail for running a Ponzi scheme. The movie is okay. Jack Black is a joy to watch, but the quality of the filmmaking is kind of poor. It is on Netflix, so if you are already subscribed, it is worth watching if you have free time, but the movie is nothing special. 5/10
  34. The Ritual
    1. I am torn on this movie. On one hand, the directing is very good. The camera and score is used effectively to add tension. On the other, the writing is crap. The story never pulled me into the movie. I hope this director will get a chance to work with better material because he deserves it. 5/10
  35. A Quiet Place
    1. Read the full review here. John Krasinski showed potential as a director. But the writing in this movie really tanks it for me. All of the dumb crap that happens in the movie, all the plot conveniences, the inconsistent rules, bog it down. 4/10
  36. The Commuter
    1. Generic action thriller. That is all there really is to say about this. If you have seen any recent Liam Neeson movies, you have seen this. Cheesy dialogue, forced plot devices, and generic action scenes. It is a little bit of fun if you turn your mind off, but there are better actions movies to watch. 4/10
  37. Full Metal Alchemist
    1. Another Netflix movie. Now I am not an anime fan, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I have no clue if this is accurate to the anime, from what I hear, it is maybe too accurate. But it just is not my cup of tea. Too over dramatic, and over the top. I know these are aspects many love in anime, so maybe if you love anime this movie will be good for you. But I could not get into it. 4/10
  38. Skyscraper
    1. It is Die Hard, for people who wanted Die Hard to be incredibly dumb. The Rock is a charming guy, but his choice in movies continues to astound me. This movie is just an excuse for cool looking action set pieces, but those set pieces feel so hollow. The characters and story are very weak. The effects are bad, the action is generic and predictable. The only good thing this movie has to offer is that it is so dumb, that it can occasionally be funny. Read my full review here. 3/10
  39. Jurrasic World 2: Fallen Kingdom
    1. That is one big pile of shit. This quote from the original Jurrasic Park is all I need to say to describe this movie. Boring action, bland characters, and an idiotic plot that sounds like it is a Syfy original movie. Read the full review here. 2/10
  40. A Wrinkle in Time
    1. I wrote about the movie here. They stripped the story of anything that could be considered dark and told an utterly safe and uninspiring tale. It failed to live up to the novel. Nothing happens over the course of the two hour runtime. It is just boring, bland, and unoriginal. 2/10
  41. Mute
    1. Now we get into some very bad movies. Duncan Jones is capable of making very interesting movies. He takes risks, big risks, and sometimes they pay off. But other times he falls flat on his face after making an absurd movie. Mute is the latter. There are so many ideas here, and none of them work. I admire the fact that he tries things outside of the Hollywood formula, but hopefully next time, his risks pay off better. Because Mute was a big swing and a miss. 2/10
  42. Insidious: The Last Key
    1. I liked the first Insidious. It was not great, but it had some tension and was fun. But these movies get worse every single time, and they hit an all-time low with The Last Key. The movie is not really scary at all. It has tons of jump scares, but those are cheap and unearned. There are only two things about this movie that I liked. One, a scene that is in the trailer where the main antagonist, uses a key finger, to lock a woman’s’ vocal chords. Two, the fake out where the girl we thought was a ghost is actually just a girl that the homeowner kidnapped. Other than that, this movie has nothing to offer. It was fun sitting in the theater and watching people freak out at things that are not scary though. 2/10
  43. The Open House
    1. Yet another bad Netflix original. This movie is bad in two stages. Most of the movie is just generic boring garbage. It hits all the typical tropes. But the end is a special kind of bad. See, the creators of The Open House really want you to believe the concept of an Open House is scary. But it is not, nothing about it is scary. The Open House is not worth the time it takes to watch on Netflix. 1.5/10
  44. Venom
    1. Lazy, poorly written, bad acting, and chickens out on both the rating and telling a story about an actual villain. Films and tv shows have been telling stories about bad guys for a long time, why are these companies so afraid to tell an actual story about a villain? This is the worst superhero movie since Suicide Squad. 1/10. 
  45. The Cloverfield Paradox
    1. What is this movie? Does it even have a plot? The movie is incoherent, but that is not the worst part about it. The part that angers me, is how it came to be a Cloverfield Movie. See, originally, it was a script that had nothing to do with Cloverfield called The God Particle. But JJ Abrams bought the rights for some reason and slapped Cloverfield in the title. The same way he did with a movie called The Cellar. But in this case, no one would have ever seen The God Particle without the title, it would have been dead on arrival. JJ did not care about making a movie, he just wanted to squeeze more money out of a franchise that should have been only one movie. This movie is barely a movie. It is an incoherent series of events. If another “Cloverfield” movie comes out, do not see it.  1/10
  46. The Happytime Murders
    1. Read the full review here. Crude, offensive, but worst of all, unfunny. I love things that push the boundaries of good taste, but it only works if it is actually funny. This movie feels like it was written by 8 year-olds who just learned about sex and cursing.  1/10