I was worried that Deadpool 2 would just be more of the same. That it would fall into the sequel trap, that movies like Hangover 2 fell into. Make the same jokes, hit the same notes, and pretty much just be a remake of the first with a new skin. But Deadpool did everything a sequel should do. The jokes felt fresh. They recycled some bits, but most of them still felt new and improved.

They brought back the funny opening credits but expanded on it. They turned into a Bond into, complete with a Bond song performed by Canada’s Celine Dion. And the honest credits thing was a bit funnier this time around. They upped their game. I laughed out loud when David Leitch was credited as “One of the Guys who killed John Wick’s Dog.”

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But what really makes the movie a step up from the first, is the plot. In that, it actually has a plot. The plot of Deadpool one was so by the numbers It was hollow, just a tool to allow them to tell the jokes. But here, there is an actual plot, something to be interested in, even if the humor is not working for you. It isn’t a lame one-note revenge story

The movie actually has some heart as well. There are some genuine emotional moments, and they don’t undercut them by making jokes. They don’t all work great, but the effort is there, and the non-action scenes are leagues better than they were in the first movie. Deadpool 1 was mostly just a lazy shot, reverse shot, framing for every non-action scene. It made the scenes visually boring and failed to use the camera to improve the comedy. But in this movie, there are a lot more clever camera angles.

I personally found the movie hilarious. The humor is not for everyone, but I do think it is better than the first one. It is fewer dick jokes and more of the clever writing that made me love the first movie. One of the funniest scenes is a spoiler. So in case, you ignored the spoiler warning in the title, stop reading this paragraph right now if you do not want to be spoiled. I will keep rambling for a little bit in case anyone somehow doesn’t understand that spoilers are coming. So stop reading, last chance. Okay, too late.

One of my favorite scenes is the skydiving scene. They set up the X Force to be this bad ass team. Got us amped up to see Bedlam, Shatterstar, Vanisher, Zeitgeist, and Peter in action, and then they all instantly die. Now I assumed one or two would die pretty quick. But I did not foresee them killing off the entire x force except for Domino and Deadpool before they even get into action. Bedlam parachutes right into a bus and gets run over. Vanisher flys into an electric wire, which also reveals that he was Brad Pitt this entire time. Shatterstar flies into the blades of a helicopter. Zeitgeist flys into a wood chipper. And Peter thankfully lands safely, until he tries to save Zeitgeist and is killed after Zeitgeist vomits acid onto him. The scene gets funnier and funnier,

Another funny scene is a bit more reserved. Again, this is a spoiler, a major spoiler. At the end, when Deadpool is dying, the scene just keeps dragging on. They keep waiting for him to pass away, but every time it seems like he is dead, he says something new. It is a less absurd form of humor, but still very funny. There are things in the movie for everyone to find funny. Some over the top humor, some dark jokes, some reserved clever humor, and some classic Deadpool 4th wall breaking wackiness. Like when in the post-credits scene he kills the version of Deadpool that was in X-Men Origins Wolverine and then kills Ryan Reynolds while he is reading the script for Green Lantern.

Overall, it is a much-improved version of the first film. They fixed most of the flaws that the original had and improved the parts that were already good. Adding characters like Cable, Domino, and Russell for Deadpool to play off of, worked really well. Cable is the perfect straight man to Deadpool’s craziness. They captured the relationship the two characters have in the comics, with Deadpool constantly annoying the stick in the mud Cable. Domino was amazing as well. She was funny in her own way, and they managed to perfectly depict her superpower of being lucky. It was nice to have a different kind of bad ass to add more action scenes for. Russel was also great. The child actor was surprisingly great. I expected Ryan Reynolds, Zazzie Beetz, and Josh Brolin to be great, and they were, but Julian Dennison was amazing as well, especially for a child actor. He has amazing comedic timing.

There is a ton going on in the background, and I feel like a second viewing will be rewarding as I will pick up on bits that I didn’t notice this first time. Some people may not have realized that the Vanisher was secretly Brad Pitt. There are tons of other funny details in the back, many of which I am sure I missed.

Overall, if you liked Deadpool 1, you will love Deadpool. Even if you did not like Deadpool 1, you still may like Deadpool 2. It is the perfect sequel. Great acting, writing, directing. There were some flaws, with the editing being a bit erratic in places, but overall, it was great.

Oh, and it has motherfucking Juggernaut in the movie, and they get him right. That alone is enough to make this one of the best X Men movies of all time.