Summer is usually one of the busiest times of the year for movies. It is not always the best movies, but many blockbusters are released in the summer. So, I am going to take a look at all the movies coming in the summer, starting in June.

June 1st Releases

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Action Point

Johnny Knoxville’s most recent project. I loved the Jackass movies, but Bad Grandpa was a huge disappointment. The big difference is in Jackass, they didn’t pretend to have a story, it was just a group of friends doing dumb crap. But with these Knoxville movies, we have to see him act. I have yet to see anything from the promotional material for this movie that makes me want to see it.

Interest level- 2/10



A story about a boyfriend and girlfriend who get trapped at sea after a storm disables their sailboat. It is based on a true story, but a true story doesn’t make this movie more interesting. I am not familiar with the director of this one either. It just doesn’t seem like a movie I would like, but if it gets good buzz I may give it a chance.

Interest level- 3/10


American Animals

Another movie based on a true story, but this time, it is a story I am somewhat familiar with. American Animals is a heist movie, but this particular heist has been pegged as one of the dumbest heists of all time. What I have heard about the true story is enough the pique my interest a little. I am not sure if I will see it in theaters, but if I find some free time on that weekend, I may give it a chance.

Interest level- 6/10



When a man is left paralyzed, with his wife his dead, he undergoes an experimental treatment to get an AI implanted inside him and uses that to get revenge. This director has made a ton of mediocre horror movies, and this one looks just as generic as the others. I will see it, eventually, but not in theaters. Unless I get dragged to see it by a friend, I will not be seeing it in theaters.

Interest level 2/10


June 8th Releases

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A horror movie with very good buzz. People tend to have low standards for horror movies, but with it getting such good reviews, I figure it is worth seeing. I have seen very little promotional material for this, with the exception of one trailer, but I prefer knowing very little about this. I will most likely see it unless Movie Pass goes under before then.

Interest Level- 7/10


Ocean’s 8

I am a sucker for a good heist movie. I am not sure if this will be good or not, and the basic concept of remaking a movie with an all-female cast is a bit lazy, but it seems okay from what I have seen. It is the same director who made Dave, Big, and Pleasantville, three movies I really like, so if I can get someone to go with me I will probably see this. Again, it depends on if Movie Pass is still around.

Interest level- 6/10


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  

A documentary about Mr. Rodgers. I never saw the Mr. Rodgers Tv show. All I know about him is sweaters and penny loafers. I like documentaries, but I usually do not see them in theaters. Especially when they are on a topic I really do not care about. I will probably be skipping this.

Interest Level- 2/10


Hotel Artemis

A movie about a hotel, that specifically caters to criminals. I do not know the director, but it has a tremendous all-star cast. Jodie Foster, Sterling Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, Dave Bautista, and more. Great casts do not always equal good movies, but the premise is interesting, and I enjoyed the trailer. I may give this movie a chance.

Interest Level- 6/10


June 15th Releases

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Incredibles 2

I do not know if this movie is going to be good. I loved the first Incredibles, but Pixar has an iffy track record with sequels. But it doesn’t matter, I know for a fact I am going to see this movie. I hope it lives up to the first, and the trailers have been good, but we will see.

Interest level- 8/10



Another movie with a director I do not know, but a great cast. Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Hanibal Burress, and Ed Helms are four actors I consistently love, especially in comedies. I am sure it will be funny, But with Incredibles coming out the same week, and the Jurrasic World movie I will hate-watch coming out the next week, I doubt I will get to see this. It will be something to watch when it comes out on VOD. I am interested though.

Interest Level- 6/10

June 22nd Releases

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Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom

This movie is probably going to be bad. The trailers look dumb, and the first Jurrasic World was incredibly dumb, yet entertaining. I am a huge Chris Pratt fan, But I doubt even he and Jeff Goldblum can save it. But, I am going to see it. I love bad movies, and this will definitely be a fun movie to laugh at. I am interested, only to go see it and laugh at it.

Interest level- 7/10



I know nothing about this, but I read the synopsis, and it sounds very boring. A mom takes her father on a road trip after he is kicked out of his retirement home. It sounds super generic and overly sentimental. I have 0 interest in this movie.

Interest Level- 0/10


Under the Silver Lake

From the director of It Follows. I have intentionally avoided information about this movie because I am interested in it based on the director alone. Add in Andrew Garfield, and the good buzz the movie got from Canne Film Festival, and I am excited. I don’t care if I have to see it by myself, I will see this movie.

Interest Level- 10/10


June 29th Releases

Sicario: Day of Soldado

I loved the first Sicario. It was the movie that introduced me to Denis Villeneuve, who is now one of my favorite directors. But he did not return to direct the sequel. I do not know the new director, and the promotional stuff I saw, did not interest me. I will not be seeing this in theaters.

Interest Level- 2/10


Uncle Drew

A movie based on the short videos where Kyrie Irving dresses up like an old dude and schools people at basketball. Because internet videos always go great when adapted to the silver screen… Yea, I am going to skip this one.

Interest Level- 0/10


The Hustle

I hadn’t heard of this before I started writing this, and learning of it didn’t make me more interested in it. There are several other June movies I want to watch, and I am not going to add the Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to that list.

Interest Level- 1/10