I have talked about the original Unfriended before, and how, well, awful it is. It was cheesy, poorly made, poorly acted, poorly written, and poorly edited despite perhaps being the easiest movie to edit of all time. It may have a “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it is an atrocious movie. But, it made money. It was cheap to make and is exactly the dumb type of movie that draws people in. So, now we get a sequel. And somehow, it looks even worse.

Unfriended: Dark Web is about a group of friends, who find a computer that can connect to the dark web. They also find all types of videos depicting what seems to be evidence of a human trafficking ring. Instead of immediately calling the cops when the character discovers these things, he instead has a Skype chat with his friends to show them. Somehow, the owner of the laptop finds them, and they go back to the concept of the original. Anyone who leaves the chat, or calls the cops, dies.

This movie looks hilarious, and it is not a comedy. I can already tell this group of friends are the dumbest people on the planet. Questions like “If they found Lex, can they find us too?” make me think them all dying is natural selection. And, in a callback to the dumb, “What is a troll?” line from the first movie, one of these characters ask, “What is the dark web?” Is that really the only way you can think of to tell the audience what things are? To make characters who are so dumb they have to ask questions like this, so they have an opening to explain them to the audience?

The only thing I can say is it at least seems the villain is not a ghost this time. But something tells me the antagonist will still basically be as powerful as a ghost, and be able to be anywhere and do anything the movie needs them to do. They will still kill the characters in convoluted ways.

Any time someone makes a ” the internet is scary” movie, I already know it will be laughable. Unfriended was bad, Megan is Missing was hilariously inept, and Cyber Bully was a joke. People who do not know how the internet works, need to stop making movies about the internet. This movie will be awful, but it will also be amazing. I am going to enjoy laughing at how crap this movie is.

Verdict: Watch This Movie (but only to make fun of it)