Will update as I see movies this year.

  1. Lego Movie 2: The Second One
    1. Lots of fun. Not as good as the first one, but still enjoyable and smart. 7/10
  2. Captain Marvel
    1. Fun, yet underwhelming. I am glad I watched it, but I hope there is a bit more to any future sequel or appearances of this character. Still, a solid addition to the MCU. 6.5/10
  3. Velvet Buzzsaw
    1. Such a disappointment. Was hoping for a weird, original, intelligent horror movie. What we got was a cliche slasher flick with no interesting kills, bad acting, and a theme that goes nowhere. 4/10
  4. Glass
    1. Shockingly bad. Poorly written, no interesting shots, badly acted, and poorly paced. What a waste of a decent franchise. 2/10